Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tree cutters at work (09-16-08)

G. and I went for a walk tonight and, on our way, we walked down two blocks over eastward and were stupefied to see that the very tall and beautiful cedar tree on the edge of the second house from the corner was in the process of being cut down.
Now, this is a house that had been for sale for close to $700,000 in the past year, by far the nicest house in the neighborhood and, of course, part of what made the property attractive was the tree on the left side of the property.
There was a contractor's van on the street and scaffolding in front of the house. In my opinion, whomever has the money to buy such an expensive house, then remodel and cut trees down that were perfectly fine... (I won't finish my sentence).
Of course, the excuse will be invoked that 1) the tree was "sick," 2) it could be "dangerous" (so could Mt Hood blowing up), 3) it was "old" (see excuse #2), 4) it was "messy" (it shed needles/pinecones/horse chestnuts/leaves, or whatever else).
It makes one cynical.