Saturday, November 10, 2012

cre8camp Creative Workshop (11-10-12)

I attended the cre8camp workshop, which was informative, despite laden with creative industry jargon ("...We must foster the idealism-based drive that our clients bring to the table, in a way that will compound the idea-to-solutiont-to-impact components we can add to the creative conversation..."). Gosh, there are days when I want to hit my head against a wall...

Anyway, it was informative, especially since the subject of "comping" artwork came up, and the concept of exploiting artists by holding a carrot in front of them, under the guise that they will have a portfolio piece, and never mind being paid for their work. Hmmm... We haven't experienced something like that with a large local arts organization that purports to support artists in the region, have we? (Someone's work was used in a publication, but not paid...).

Attendees at cre8camp