Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the Bus: Pirates (01-28-09)

Two homeless guys (with great pirate faces) at the front of the bus, -one of them holding a cup of coffee- (this is Portland after all...), engaged in a lively conversation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crystal Ballroom (01-25-09)

The Crystal Ballroom was open to the public in celebration of its 95th anniversary, so J. and I went to just look around.
As it was, the violin player in the group featured when walked in the 3rd floor ballroom was a girl J. knows from Dragon Boats.

Monday, January 26, 2009

PDX Collective (01-25-09)

After reading an article in the Mercury, J. and I went to check out the PDX Collective Sale at the Ace Hotel on Sunday. I wanted to see what type of clothes were sold in local trendy boutiques, like Le train Bleu, Moxie and others.
Really cool and great stuff, but $200 for boots on sale, that's just, uh, not my price range, -budget-wise, I'm more like a Target Clearance shopper,- not cool, but I still like looking at cute stuff even if I can't buy it.

I did a quick sketch of the shoppers.

Rose Festival Meeting (01-24-09)

J. had to attend an informational meeting organized by the Rose Festival Association because she applied and for the Rose Festival Princess program and was found eligible to participate.
I think it's great to see J. continue what seems to be a family tradition at this point, since both sisters M. and V. had also applied when they were high school Seniors.
This is a perfect opportunity for a young woman to learn to be confident, to talk in public, and to have a chance at representing the city.

I was late to the meeting due to a prior engagement and barely had time to start this sketch before the meeting was over.

Update: See the article in the Portland Mercury about how it unfolded...

Condiment Bottles at Sayler's (01-24-09)

We were invited to Sayler's Old Country Kitchen and had a great dinner.
I had just enough time to draw these bottles of condiment before the waitress brought my plate, and the steak was so good,I didn't want to let it get cold by drawing anything else.