Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grimm Shoot (02-29-12)

I spent a fantastic day working as an extra on the set of the Grimm TV series which is filmed here in Portland, with lots of time to observe people and sketch at leisure. ...Best of all, they even fed us some pretty good catered food!

It was a fun experience, especially to see the actors filming a scene; I even had a chance to quickly draw actor David Giuntoli as he entered the set. As for the extra work, that was pretty cool, I walked back and forth (holding my pen and my sketchbook) down a back hallway of the old-fashioned Police Station.

Waiting to be called on the set
Detectives and policemen
Top: the hospital set, turned into a waiting area for all the extras
Center: filming a scene inside the police station
Bottom: view from the hallway
Top left: a homeless person
Top right: a sleeping policewoman
Bottom left: a burly-looking guy (see photo above)
Bottom right: two detectives
Left: a technician
Right: David Giuntoli