Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner at Firehouse (01-23-09)

M. asked us to take her to Firehouse restaurant for her birthday. M. had wanted to eat there for a long time: Matt, her former boss at New Seasons' is the owner.
We enjoyed a delicious meal and great service, from the pizza to the chicken to the desserts.

I got my diploma! (ca. 01-09)

Amazing News! I finally got my degree from Portland State University: a Master's in General Arts and Letters!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moso's Birthday (01-21-09)

I took Moso to Todai for her birthday.
It was an epic meal; I watched her accidentally send a shrimp fly across the table.
In this sketch, Moso is concentrating on what food on her plate she is going to attack next.

Presidential Inauguration (01-20-09)

I wanted to mark the date in some manner, so I did this so-so sketch of Obama mostly from memory.

On the Bus (01-20-09)

I did this cool sketch of a young guy sitting across from me. I thought he looked like an artist.
I was trying to look casual, glancing at him every once in a while, but must have been totally obvious, since the woman sitting next to him thought I was drawing her! She got up before getting off the bus and asked to see the sketch. And then she was telling me how wonderful it is to be able to draw, etc., and the usual, "Oh, I wish I could draw, but I can't, just stick figures, etc."
A few minutes after she was gone, my young guy pulled out a sketchbook and started to sketch people on the bus! (So I was right about the artist part...) I showed him the sketch before I got off the bus.
Now, picture a bus where everyone could be busy drawing everyone...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My present sketchbook (01-18-09)

This is a photo of the sketchbook I am using right now.
My dad got several of these wonderful books in Hungary. I love the compact format, the many pages, the attention to details, the leather binding, the old-fashioned patterns...
Unfortunately, the manufacturer has discontinued this particular size of books. I still have a few blank ones stashed away, and when they'll be completed, I will have to reluctantly move on to something else altogether.

"Fête des Rois" at the Alliance Française (01-18-09)

The Portland French Alliance had a demonstration of how to make a "Galette," the traditional cake for the "Fête des Rois" (this is the day the Wise Men arrived at Jesus' Manger, January 6 according to the Catholic tradition).
After the demonstration, we tasted some galettes from Pix Pâtisserie.

Movie: "Die Hard" (1988) (01-17-09)

I did these sketches while watching the first "Die Hard" (Bruce Willis still had hair!).
It was fun watching this old, yet still pretty cool movie, with Alan Rickman as Head Bad Guy and various terrorists with Rock Star 70s hairstyles.

I often draw while watching a movie, even in a dark theater...