Saturday, April 21, 2012

PDX Urban Sketchers at the Chinese Garden (04-21-21)

The Portland Urban Sketchers met at the Lan Su Chinese Garden as a group, to sketch or paint. As usual, I got there so late that I might as well have not bothered going (and that's exactly why I make myself go, even if late...). I was so late, that it was almost closing time, and a nice man at the gate let me in for free; he probably felt sorry for me...

I don't feel very confident with color, but made a valiant effort to paint with my small portable watercolor kit.
Entrance Gate

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clackamas County Meeting (04-19-12)

I don't claim to know much about politics, but the soon-to-be-coming TriMet ligh trail project sure gets some people riled up. In that light, it's interesting whenever one gets a chance to observe the local political process.

There was a public meeting at the Clackamas County headquarters, and people had a chance to speak their minds regarding the project. Testimony ranged from statements that the light rail would be a positive influence on this part of the woods, to panicked warnings that crime will engulf the whole area,  and ruin Clackamas County forever. The funny thing is, from my experience driving on McLoughlin Blvd./Hwy. 99 on a regular manner, there ins't much to be proud about the succession of strip clubs, car dealerships, empty lots, rundown empty stores, and ratty trailer parks that punctuate it... The light rail might in fact contribute to a cleanup of the area!