Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Procrastinating...again (08-27-08)

Well, today, we had another one of those speed-clean-the-house moments, because the house had to be shown. It's pretty difficult to keep everything clean all the time. What is even more annoying is to hear lame "feedback" comments and complaints, such as "But there's no yard..." (said in an annoying nasal voice). Yes, there IS a yard: right in front of the house and on the side of it. No, it's not a private yard where you can romp around in the nude, but it IS larger than the standard city lot.

Consequently, I still haven't posted any drawings.

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  1. Hey Maxine !!! I'm waiting - the laundry can wait the dirt will still be in the corners and you can do speed cleaning any time but ..... THE WORLD IS WAITING!!!!! hurry up and post allready ( from one queen of procratination to another)