Monday, September 8, 2008

House matters (09-08-08)

Since the house is for sale, I figured I might as well post a couple of photos of my favorite space: the kitchen I designed. I also posted photos to (write "Pascale" in the Search field). It was pretty weird to see how many people looked at it only five minutes after it had been posted. And why not post photos, after all? I think the project turned out fabulous, especially with the color tiles on the wall.
I really enjoy watching the real estate shows, and usually laugh when I see "experts" walk in a house, criticize everything and turn it into a "staged" space that makes it look banal and tepid. Unlike some of the houses I see on these programs, my house has personality.


  1. Love your colorful kitchen. Great to visit with you last night and see your wonderful sketch journal- very inspiring! Paula

  2. The house is beautiful. Where are you going when it sells?

    I went through nearly every page of your journal last night, it is fabulous and inspiring.


  3. I enjoy your kitchen too. It has plenty of counter space... unlike my house which once had counter space but now has a lot of junk a few feet above the floor.

  4. I have always loved what you did with your kitchen. It is a colorful and welcoming room. And very functional too. Definitely the best of all worlds. :)

  5. Great kitchen. I'm trying to sell a house right now and it's been brutal. For a little more exposure, try posting it on Your Neighbor's Place.

    Best of luck with the house!