Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mensa Conference in Portland (07-02-11)

So... I read in the Oregonian that Mensa was holding its annual conference in Portland, and I decided to take on the challenge and try out for the test (it's this thing I gotta prove to myself that I can still be one of the best...)

Well, I most likely FLUNKED! I finished only TWO out of 20 Math questions... Arrrgh! Even after all these years in the U.S., I can't make any sense out of the U.S. measuring system and I freeze the minute I see the words "Gallon" or "Yard"... As for the other tests, either I ran out of time, - my brain was playing elevator music to itself -, or the very 70s retro graphic images were so tinny, I couldn't figure out what they were (aside from something that looked like mashed up intestines...).

A reaffirming message to remember
Taking the test gave me a pass to attend the conference the same day and I went to an informative workshop given by French member Thierry Brunel, about Gifted Adults in the Workplace. Small consolation about the test: he advised me that one should always take the test that applies to one's native culture...
Meeting for the Pacific NW Region members
Girls at Pioneer Courtyard Square

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